Bathroom wall art

November 30, 2014: Bruce and I went to IKEA earlier in the day and he found a pretty framed triple print picture that we wanted to hang in our bathroom. So excited I was about him finding a home decor/wall art item he liked, I volunteered to hang it for him using Command strips.


Well…here’s a little tip. Whatever you do…do not hang glass framed art on the wall with large Command strips, even if they claim to hold the weight. Just don’t do it.


This framed triple print came from IKEA and looked lovely over our towel rings…while it lasted. Took about 30 minutes for it to come crashing down. So I grabbed my keys and went back out to IKEA for a replacement.

The replacement is now hung in the bathroom properly using a nail holding it up. And I hung onto the frame to re-purpose it for my 3D paper art project (which, ironically enough, is now mounted on the wall using Command strips). V-

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