The bedroom floor replacement

December 18, 2014: Before the tremendous transformation of our kitchen and living room, the bedroom floor demo and new wood installation was tackled. This was not tackled by me or Bruce (so this is not a VidaDIY post – sorry to disappoint). But the work was done by a good friend of ours, Bob (who’s never installed wood flooring on his own before – he did a fantabulous job!).

First task, move everything out of the room – clothes, furniture, bodies…

The picture below shows all bedroom and bedroom closet items temporarily take residence in the dining room.


We set up our bed set up in the den while floor work is being done in the bedroom.



Next, pull up the old, parquet floors (which Bob also handled). We did our best to help out with this, but the tar underneath was near impossible to scrape up. Bob used a power floor scraper (of some kind) to get the job done.

IMG_9275.2014-12-15_012405  IMG_9281.2014-12-16_023648 IMG_9279.2014-12-16_023623


Next, lay down the floors, in tongue-in-groove fashion, using the miter saw to cut them to length. The Morningstar English Bamboo is ready to go.


And here is the result two days later on December 18.




I love it! Let there be bamboo everywhere! Completely transforms the room.



Bob also did other work in our bedroom while we were on the West coast in the summer (painting, pulling up carpet, installing roman shades). Here’s a link to the bedroom before.

Yes, I know…condo crafting is a DIY venture. Will I be tackling more of these projects on my own? Absolutely! The amazing work that Bob’s done in our space is actually the catalyst for me taking on home improvement and renovation projects (which has brought this journey and blog to life). Much kudos and thanks to Bob! V-


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