Tiny House spotted on Woodmont Avenue!

January 18, 2015: I absolutely love tiny houses. I’ve been obsessed with the tiny house shows on the HGTV, FYI and DIY channels (“Tiny House, Big Living”, “Tiny House Hunters”, “Tiny House Nation”, “Small Space, Big Style”…).

So imagine my delight when I spotted this beauty rolling down the street in Bethesda. I immediately whipped out the phone to snap my pics. This is a sight I may never see again. Kind of like a mirage in the desert (of large homes, apartment buildings and condos). V-

IMG_1741 IMG_1742 IMG_9848.2015-01-18_192409 IMG_9849.2015-01-18_192412 IMG_9850.2015-01-18_192414


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