A hanging organizer for my pipe hanging bar

August 22, 2015: Now that I have my wood and pipe hanging bar finally mounted in the condo entryway, it’s time to add the hanging organizer as its matching (and functional) accessory. Ana White shared a video on making this hanging organizer as a complimentary piece for the hanging bar. When I first saw these videos, I knew immediately that I wanted to do both projects – if not in the bathroom, then certainly in the entryway.

I go over the steps for making the organizer shelves in the entryway wood and pipe hanging Bar Part 1 post. I ended up giving that set however to my mother Xenia, so I had to make another hanging bar (the Part 2 post), and eventually mounted it (as described in the Part 3 post).

So here I have another shelf ready to go.

First I  added screw on eye hooks to the top.

I wanted the eye hooks to be roughly 3/4″ from the back of the organizer. So I used a strip of washi tape at each end to mark where to place the hook.


After adding a small pre-drill hole, I screwed in the eye hooks by hand.

Easy as that. Here’s how the hanging organizer looks on the hanging bar so far.

Next, I added the steel 1/8″ x 3/4″ pieces to the front (16″ in length). While working over at my friend’s (Tim’s) garage, I cut a 48″ steel bar in three pieces using my new Ryobi jigsaw.

I will need a lot of practice with that thing to get the hang of it.

I then used a 3/16″ titanium drill bit and Tim’s drill press to make the holes at each end of the steel bar.

Using a 2″ x 4″ piece of scrap wood, I position the metal bar two inches above each shelf.

After marking and pre-drilling the holes, I used wood screws (size 10, 1″ length) to secure the metal bar onto the front of the organizer.

After the three metal bars were added to the front of the organizer, I hung the organizer and added my items for entryway storage.

Done! Looks great. Let’s see…some tin planters, another wire wasket, a coin catch all bowl…

I think that will do it. For the organizer (and for ALL of my posts about the wood and pipe hanging bar project). Hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far.

But there’s more! I’ve gotta mount the bar and organizer for my mother Xenia. She just told me that it’s still propped up again her entryway wall up in Brooklyn. Road trip. Need to head up there and help Xenia with hers. V-


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