Saving our candle gift box from the dumpster

October 10, 2015: It’s “Dumpster Truck” weekend here at the condo community and I’m going through items to keep or dump (constant battle).

I come across my mother Xenia’s candle gift box. The candle votive is pretty on its own (and will now have a place in the den bookshelf).

The box, although lovely, isn’t needed, so I’m planning to toss it.

Before I do, I take a picture of the candle votive and box, and send it to Xenia via text, thanking her once more for the box.

I tossed the box into the dumpster bag and walked away.
And then I came to my senses.

Thanks Ma!

Perhaps it was spying the bottom of the box while laying up-ended in the garbage that prompted immediate retrieval. It’s now one of my most favorite containers. The universe works in mysterious ways. V-

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