Daily wood block calendar for the New Year!

January 1, 2016: After observing me gush this Elephants wood block calendar at Ten Thousand Villages, my mom Xenia bought it for me as a Christmas stocking gift.


As you know by now, I absolutely love all things wood (especially little knick knacks). And I love the tactile nature of the calendar. By flipping each block, you update and track your calendar day by day.

So I thought it would be fun to start off the New Year by making this calendar my first craft project of 2016. Although the elephant is lovely, I decided to do a quick little block holder makeover. So reaching for the Mod Podge and my favorite Black Ink papers, I punch some circles and added my trademark VidaDIY embellishments.

I made a big 3″ circle from the teal and gold patterned paper and cut it in half to use as the background. Then added alternating gold and magenta/gold pattern circles in the foreground as the border.


In less than five minutes, I put my personal stamp on the wood block calendar (by adding a dash of creative whimsy).

But I wanted to add another small touch to my favorite new daily calendar. How about a personalized note about the calendar day (with, for instance, a decorated tag)? Something to mark the occasion?

With a craft tag, some Mambo stickers and a binder clip, I now have a customizable way to add a greeting or a comment about the featured date.

And this became the perfect Facebook, Twitter and Instagram status photo marking the occasion. So here’s my first craft project of the year. Happy 2016 all! V-

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