Cabin Crafting series #6: DIY Wood Block Calendar (Part 2)

February 25, 2016: I started my wood block calendar decorating project the day we left for Deep Creek Lake (Saturday) and was able to complete a few of the blocks during our stay at the Bella Donna cabin. I came back around to my DIY version of a wood block calendar on our final night at the Deep Creek cabin.

Here’s how far I got with this phase of the project (right before I finally ran out of cabin crafting steam).

Breaking it down…

  • I first stained and decorated the small wood box with top sliding closure. I picked this up at AC Moore for $1. I used a dark walnut Minwax stain.
  • I then took some decorative paper circles I brought along with me on the trip to lay out a design on the face of the box.

  • I then used Mod Podge to apply each circle (of different colors, patterns and sizes) to the box.


  • I then added Michaels Gold Foil Embossed Alphabet stickers to add a label to the box (which will serve as holder and display platform for my blocks. I chose to use the same look and theme for this project as with my Phone Home and Phone Haus wood cubes. So the label will be along the same lines…a simple two word phrase that describes the purpose of the pretty, yet functional craft.

I decided to go with “Block Dock”. Perfect.


  • Of course, sealing the decorated and labeled box is a critical step. Such beauty should never be at risk of paper tears or sticker loss.

I tested out the Block Dock with some blocks I decorated earlier in the week while it was still drying. I clearly see the need to add wood stain to some of these unfinished wood blocks. So block primping came next.

Fast forward to two hours later – beautifully stained blocks in Early American and Dark Walnut ready to go.

So returning to the fun, decorating part of the project.

  • With my precision artist tweezers, I carefully placed each letter and number in position on the block.

I decided to use four blocks for the calendar date (day of week, month, calendar day number and year). And a fifth block to mark the occasion, event, or reminder activity.

I chose to start with the start of the calendar year.

As luck would have it, I chose to get going with this project at the tail end of our week-long lake cabin getaway, so it was at this point where I had to pack it all up. So I will finish this project at last back at the condo, bringing it full circle. V-

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