Tribal floating wood frame (Part 2)

February 26, 2016: Back at the condo (just off the road from our lake trip), I immediately launched into completion of the second floating wood frame project for the bedroom.

The first task was figuring out what I was going to display in the frame. I typically use a photograph or drawing. But today, I decided to give linen pillow art a try in this frame.

I just bought more linen pillow covers from Amazon. I use a number of these pillow covers as kitchen side cabinet hanging decor. I love the look of these pillow covers. And hanging them on the wall was a stroke of genius…it was an unexpected delight. The combination of the colors and the linen texture really makes the space pop when hung on the wall.

So this new elephant pillow cover was the natural choice for the tribal floating wood panel display.

Since the pillow is an 18 x 18 square (and the display area of the wood panel was roughly 22 x 14), I needed to adjust the size by folding under some extra length.

I used two strong magnets to a pin the linen pillow case to the acrylic sheet.

Once the pillow case was secured on the acrylic, I took the decorated wood panel and added the acrylic display layer with the screws, gold-leaf covered nylon spacers and nuts.

The holes I pre-drilled into the wood and acrylic over at Tim’s a few weeks earlier are 5/16 diameter. A glass and tile bit was used to drill through the material with a drill press.

Since I’m using 1/4″ spacers, I got away with using 3/4″ machine screws (size #20 or 1/4″ diameter).

Once secured with four #20 size nuts, I had a thin and lightweight floating frame ready to hang.

So here’s my new art piece for the bedroom.

Of course, the hanging hardware must be added. To keep the display as low profile as possible, I’m using the Hang Z sawtooth hangers.

These require very small wood screws to attach. They are no more than 1/4″ in length. (However, since the wood panel itself is 1/4″ thick, I had to be careful not to screw these in so tight that the tip of the screw pokes through the front).

Finally, the rosette that I have had hanging on the wall besides Bruce’s side of the bed will be taken off the wall.

The new tribal wood floating display panel takes its place.

Since it’s not as long as the rosette, there is now a large area of space left behind between the wall decor piece and the bedside table. Time to add more floating wood squares.

Swapping out the rosette for the tribal wood floating display panel inspired me to tackle the rest of the wall on this side of the bedroom (and to redo the headboard decor all together). I made it my mission to get all of the rosettes off the wall once and for all. As lovely as they have been, it is time for a change. All part of the condo crafting fun. V-

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