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Letterboard Love: NATO Alphabet

September 8, 2017: Yes, only I would use DIY color-splashed letterboard to display the NATO alphabet!!! 😂 What lucky tech office space will get this beauty? …


VidaDIY logo wood plaque

April 29, 2016: As I prepared for the official launch of my website this month, I made a VidaDIY logo using Canva. …


Paper Decorated Tin Cans

March 19, 2016: I got these beautiful new papers from the Paper Mojo in one of my most favorite textures and designs. …


Wood Phone Cube Blitz!

March 15, 2016: I’m sticking to my promise to add posts of my favorite craft projects with more step-by-step pictures, I decided to …


DIY Wood Block Calendar (Part 3)

March 13, 2016: Happy DST folks!!! Today is an ideal day for making more calendar sticker blocks (and include labels for special …


Decorated Tin Cups

February 6, 2015: I bought these tin cups while at the Container Store looking for Urbio wall pucks. I love to decoupage …