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The miracle wall art project?

January 30, 2016: So I’m going through my photos in the process of creating an obscene number of website posts in one …


Burlap push pin canvases

  March 2015: I found these burlap 12 x 12 canvases at AC Moore. You can also find these at Target as …


My Tech Owls exhibit at work

  I had to try the “Apples”… And then came Google “Apps” Though these tech birds are sweet, Owl always be… A …


Anya wood letter canvas

December 2014: As part of my Christmas gift for the Eliases, I wanted to make a personalized name canvas piece for their …


Do more of what makes me happy

August 23, 2015: While shopping for my brother Mal’s condo guest room makeover, I came across this wire wall art sign in Bed, …


Xenia’s Memory Tin Box

March 8, 2015: While my mom, Xenia was visiting, I figured it would be fun to present her with a special memory …